Sponsor an Orphan

Sponsor an orphan and reap the ongoing rewards of this Sadaqah Jariyah. Give £30 monthly or £360 yearly today.

How your donation will help

Our Orphan Sponsorship programme offers vulnerable children a way out of the neglect, abuse and exploitation they face. It gives them a chance to escape their poor living conditions by equipping them with appropriate shelter, education and support so they can go on to build a life that is full of promise and potential.

Access to food, healthcare, education, shelter and emotional support are the fundamentals every young child should have, but there are a number of children in communities around the world who are deprived of these very basic essentials.

There are so many more children around the world who need our help, and that’s why we’re asking for your support so we can provide every child with a home, access to healthcare, plentiful food and a loving support system.

 Give £30 monthly to sponsor an Orphan, and you’ll reap the ongoing blessings of this Sadaqah Jariyah for years to come.

YOur donation will provide


Your donation will provide complete meals for the duration of the sponsorship.


Your donation will provide a safe and secure acommodation for the duration of the sponsorship.


Your donation will provide everything they need in order to flourish and have a fair shot at building a prosperous and meaningful life.

Your £30 monthly donation will be used to improve every aspect of a child’s life by lifting them out of deprivation and giving them access to food, shelter, education, medical support and a safe living environment. With your help, we can end the abuse and exploitation of thousands of more children and give them the tools they need, and access to opportunities that will help build a promising life for themselves.

The Messenger of Allah said: " I and the sponsor of an orphan shall be in Paradise like these two."And he indicated with his fingers, meaning his index and his middle finger

How you can help

£30 monthly

Sponsor an orphan from just £30 a month and reap the rewards of this blessed Sadaqah Jariyah.​

£360 One-off

Sponsor an orphan for a year and reap the rewards of this blessed Sadaqah Jariyah.

£60 monthly

Sponsor two orphans for £60 a month and reap the rewards of this blessed Sadaqah Jariyah.​

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There is no such thing as dreaming too big. Do you long to build something amazing for those in need, but feel daunted by the commitment? Give monthly to become a member of our dedicated team of donor and leave a lasting legacy.