About Us

One day we will all die, and meet our Lord. What have we prepared to take with us in to the next life? Is there something we can do on a regular basis which will be pleasing to Allah? Is there something we can do which we will reap the rewards for even after we die? The Sadaqah Jariyah Foundation was founded in November 2021, to help address this need, so that people like me and you can be confident that we have made a significant impact to the lives of others whilst simultaneously reaping  rewards for ourselves in the hereafter inshallah. 

At SJF, we believe your donations are an Amanah (trust) and are therefore committed to ensuring we deliver your trust with sincerity and professionalism and that we are transparent and accountable in the way we do so.

Syed Uddin

CEO of Sadaqah jariyah foundation