Upcoming Projects

Find some of the projects we will be supporting over the upcoming year, inshallah.

Sponsor an Orphan​

Ensures orphans that have no support are looked after, and provided with education, clothing, shelter, food and clean water.

Planting Trees

Plant a blessed olive tree, help to sustain a vulnerable family’s livelihood in this time of repression, and reap the ongoing blessings of this beautiful, long-lasting charity.

Hospital Equipment

Help provide essential medical aid to our communities and help save countless lives.

Bee Keeping

Grant the opportunity for vulnerable people to lift themselves out of poverty, while reaping the blessings of providing a sustainable livelihood for many years to come.

Sewing Machines

Something as simple as a sewing machine can enable an individual to earn a sustainable living. By buying a widow a sewing machine, you’ll be supporting widows and orphans financially to break out of poverty and build financial stability.

Water Hand Pump​

Not only are you saving lives by giving sustenance, your donation will also give people in famine-affected areas the chance to properly wash and safeguard themselves from dangerous infections such as cholera.

Mosque Construction

You can help our brothers and sisters develop and share their faith by making a donation for a masjid and building a mosque in a community that is in desperate need.

Madrasah Education

Provide a child or adult with a brighter future free from poverty. You can help educate others, and enable them to learn and grow a stable future.

Water Well

Donate water charity now and help us to provide men, women and children clean and safe water, an essential we all take for granted.

Quran & Books Distribution

Help spread the word of Allah to the Ummah through distributing Quran's, their different translations and Islamic Books around the world.