Most frequent questions and answers​

Become a member simply by setting up a regular monthly standing order.

We recommend making a contribution of a minimum of £5 by clicking here

Yes. Once we have received the required sum for the project, we donate all monies received towards the chosen cause. There may be occasions where a small amount is carried over to the following month to be put towards the following elected cause. 

The founder and trustees at Sadaqah Jariyah Foundation choose different causes to support throughout the year. Our objective is to make the greatest impact across the globe. Suggestions can also be forwarded by our members for shortlisting.

Yes, if you are a member. Please do this by filling in the ‘suggesting a cause’ form on the website. All worthwhile causes are considered. Please ensure you give as much information as possible regarding the proposed cause.

Usually as soon as the total monthly donations received has been calculated and the administration process has concluded. We aim to do this within one month but usually much quicker.

100% of all donations received are given to the cause elected. We do not keep any fees from our side.

The admin and running costs are paid for via:
– Donations specified for administration
– Income from Gift Aid

Any deficiencies will be met by the Founders and sponsors of the Sadaqah Jariyah Foundation.

If you would like to get involved in assisting with our administrative and running costs, please click here.

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